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The Role of an Intermediary in a Professional Athlete’s Career

In the fast-paced world of professional sports, an athlete’s focus is often solely on performance and training. However, managing off-field activities such as contract negotiations, sponsorship deals, and image rights can be equally crucial to an athlete’s success. This is where the role of a sports intermediary, also known as a sports agent, comes in. […]

The Growing Role of Legal Intervention in Sports

As sports professionals increasingly find their way into the limelight, the need for legal intervention in the sporting world grows. From eligibility disputes to anti-doping, contract disputes, and beyond, legal expertise can be instrumental in navigating these issues. Today’s sporting disputes can occur at various levels – domestic, European, or international – and often involve […]

Understanding Professional Negligence and How It Impacts You

Professional negligence occurs when a professional advisor breaches the duty of care towards their clients. It’s an unfortunate occurrence that can result in significant financial losses and distress. But what exactly constitutes professional negligence, and how does it impact you? Professional negligence is when a professional advisor – be it a surveyor, solicitor, accountant, or […]